Projects Needing Volunteers

Our projects cover a wide range of custom technology adaptations in the areas of independent living, work, sport and entertainment, and education, in support of individuals. But we also aid caregivers, rehabilitators, educators and businesses in the support of those with disabilities and in meeting the requirements for such support established by governments.

(For protection and privacy of our clients, their proper names will not be used.)

Code Category Location Need
13001 Design/fab  USC Active Seat for all terrain wheelchair
13003 Design/fab  Saluda Shower modification for boy without arms
13004 Design/fab  Williamston Grab bar over bed
13007 Procure  Columbia Safe enclosure for non-verbal child on trips
13010 Design/ fab  Blythewood Woman with brittle bone disease wants to do laundry and cook
13011 Investigate  Hopkins Paraplegic needs assistance with bathing, maneuvering in bathroom
13012 Install  Columbia Woman who can’t use key needs keyless entry system

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