About Us

Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

Volunteer Based

Founded in 2000

What is Enabling Technologies Associates, Inc (Enabletech)?

Our board of directors consists of engineers, physicians, and business and professional leaders in South Carolina. Some of our board members have disabilities.

Enabletech board members:

  • Edwin E. Keelen, president and chairman of the board
  • Amanda Turpin, treasurer
  • Jo Atkinson, secretary
  • Jack Atkinson, member
  • John McMurtrie II, member
  • Russell Turpin, member

Enabletech is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to using technology to improve the independence of people with disabilities. Our volunteers are engineers, fabricators, and medical and business professionals who donate their time and expertise. Our services are provided at no cost to our clients.

Our process is to:

  • Review the client’s capabilities and needs
  • Compare the needs to available technologies
  • Design and create adaptations as needed
  • Build and test the device
  • Ensure that the device meets the individual’s needs

No members, directors or officers of Enabletech receive a salary or benefit materially in any way from our work.  Our reward is the satisfaction of seeing our efforts make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. We are supported by public and private donations and grants and in-kind materials from our partners and volunteers.

History of Enabletech

Enabletech was founded in 2000 in South Carolina by an engineer and program manager retired from a 42-year career at Westinghouse Defense and Electronics in Baltimore, MD. As a charter and still active member of the Volunteers for Medical Engineering, he brings more than 25 years of rehabilitation engineering experience in building and managing the team of volunteer associates.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is “To provide independence to disabled and elderly people via unique technical solutions that enhance their medical health and quality of life.”

Our vision statement is “To be a sought after supplier of assistive technology for people with disabilities and the elderly for whom traditional methods of medical services are not sufficient.”

The services that we provide in the South Carolina/Georgia region would be so expensive on an individual basis that few could afford them.  That is why they do not exist as commercial enterprise.

Our volunteers and associate companies and organizations provide these services free of charge.  Our reward is the satisfaction that we receive in helping those less fortunate and the community.  No members, directors, or officers of Enabletech are paid a salary or benefit materially in any way from our work.  We are supported by public and private donations and grants and in kind materials and support from our associates and volunteers.