How to Help


If you are an engineer, designer, therapist, business person or just like to make things, consider joining our team. You’ll be able to apply your skills and ideas to assist in solving the unique challenges faced by people with disabilities.

You will work with some of the most creative and compassionate people you will ever meet and reap the unprecedented satisfaction of seeing your efforts change the lives of others.

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old, enjoy working with people and be willing to learn new skills. Enabletech will provide any training necessary.

Skills needed

Project volunteer: Project volunteers should be engineers or work/have worked in a related profession.

  • Opportunities would include designing and building one-of-a-kind devices for people with disabilities and/or customizing existing equipment for special needs.

Medical volunteer: Medical volunteers must be a medical/rehabilitation professional who can devote an average of four hours a month.

  • Opportunities would include making at least one client assessment visit every two months, meeting with potential clients to gather information and evaluate abilities, limitations and resources, and completing paperwork on client visits for the project coordinator.

Volunteer fabricators: Fabricators include welders, machinists, mechanics, cabinet makers, wood workers and people who like to build things.

  • Opportunities would include working with project and medical volunteers to implement designs.

Administrative volunteers: Administrative opportunities would include clerical assistance, research, web maintenance, data management. Also needed are volunteers who can work on fundraising and educational events and those willing to present information to groups of potential volunteers.

Current Priority Needs


Enabletech is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that depends on donations of money, equipment and in-kind support to continue its work.

You may make a general contribution or we’ll be happy to allocate your donation to a specific project. We will keep you informed of how your donation is used and how it has contributed to the well-being of our clients.

Donations from community service organizations are welcome.

Businesses also are encouraged to consider Enabletech as a grant recipient or donate equipment that can be used in constructing specific devices. We also solicit the expertise your employees may want to contribute to our efforts. It is an opportunity to enhance a corporate image by giving back to the community and assisting some of its most deserving citizens.

We are a 501(3)(c) organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent of the law.


Enabletech’s pool of experienced volunteers includes preeminent engineers and scientists as well as others from many more disciplines. If you are a private, government or non-profit organization charged with or otherwise dedicated to serving those with disabilities, we can greatly enhance your efforts by providing unique medical and technical analyses of the challenges presented and create innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Educational institutions

Enabletech volunteers supervise a team of senior engineering students at the University of South Carolina who must complete a project for a client with a disability. The students gain hands-on technical and practical experience and learn the value of assisting people with unique challenges.

Our volunteers regularly lecture, mentor projects at and are members of advisory boards at engineering and medical colleges. If your institution has a focus on assisting people with disabilities, we can provide an unprecedented level of engineering capability and assistance to complement your activities.

We also are available to partner in grant proposals.