Thank you for considering volunteering with Enabletech.  We can provide you a very rewarding experience!

Volunteer Commitment

Each volunteer must understand that a client’s health and well-being may be affected by what a volunteer does, and must therefore pledge to follow the highest standards of his or her profession or trade.

Types of Volunteers

  • Project Volunteer works directly on technology intended for use by a client, and provides advice, training or other services to a client.
  • An Administrative Volunteer works indirectly in support of the general organization and not directly with clients.  This can include leadership and management, making referrals, doing mailings, organizing meetings, answering phones, raising money, public speaking, writing press releases and newsletter stores, keeping project records, etc…..

How to Join

Join by registering online

If you prefer to fill out a physical form, click here to download a printable form.

If you do not have Adobe Reader, please follow this link to Get Adobe Reader

Projects That Need Volunteers

Click to see our list of example projects and projects that need volunteers.

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