Travis has been a client of ours since he was 5 and just entering kindergarten.  He was born with no arms.  We have done the following projects for him:

  • Designed and fabricated a workstation that he could use in elementary school. It has a working surface for his feet, a keyboard that he can type on with his feet, it is moveable from classroom to classroom and lockable for security
  • Designed a clothing system that allows him to dress independently
  • Designed a hygiene system that allows him to shower independently, dry his body, and brush his teeth
Travis (at the time) was a 5 year old boy born with no arms, who needed a portable workstation for school.
Here is a clothing system for Travis, designed by 2011 USC Mechanical Engineering Dept. students (Travis is now 13) The class also designed a stick with a different shaped hook on each end that Travis uses to put on his shirt.
This wash system was taken from a rotating brush at a car wash station, attached to a suction cup that enables him to wash himself.
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