A lady who has arthritis so severe that her legs are stiff at the knees (and stiffly braced), could stand from her bed and “shuffle” to another location with the help of a crutch. But she could not sit, because she could not bend her knees. Most distressing was her inability to sit herself onto the toilet. Search for commercially available devices to assist in toilet sitting and raising revealed many that helped those that could bend their legs, but none that accommodated a person with stiff legs. A device was designed and fabricated that could seat her and lift her, via her operation of a remote switch. It can be stored at the toilet or at her bedside. When at her bedside, she can enter and be secured in it there, and a caregiver can cam down casters on the device and wheel her into the bathroom and to the toilet, where she can operate the seating and lifting functions herself.

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